The mountains are portrayed by various territory starting with one district then onto the next, there are levels, mountains, valleys, oceans, seas and fields, and the mountain is described by soak slants and high rough pinnacles, and the term mountain is known as a high in a specific zone of ​​the earth's surface, the mountain range is a gathering of mountains related with Some are in a successive framework, isolated by valleys, mountain passes and good countries, including the Andes, the Rockies and the Himalayas. 

The longest mountain go on the planet The Andes Mountains are the longest mountain run on the planet, with a length of around 7100 kilometers, a stature of 4000 meters, and a width of 500 kilometers, this mountain range reaches out along the west bank of South America, and stretches out to seven nations are: Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Bolivia, just as Ecuador and Argentina, are known as the Andes in light of the movement of particular sorts of volcanoes that discharge Andesite, which thus added to the arrangement of this mountain go. 

The Andes mountain range has the most noteworthy tops in the western side of the equator and comprises of an enormous chain of high levels framing a persistent fence. 

Atmosphere of the world's longest mountain run The atmosphere in the Andes is subject to territory, height and latitude.This mountain range is isolated into three areas: the focal Andes, the northern Andes and the southern Andes, so the atmosphere in every district is altogether different from the locale. The atmosphere in the Andes, which stretches out crosswise over Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, is a regular atmosphere that fluctuates between the blustery season and the dry season. What's more, hot. 

Attributes of the longest mountain go on the planet Andes mountain range is one of the longest mountain runs on the planet as referenced before, and these mountains incorporate numerous pinnacles and levels and there are various sorts of creatures, and will be perceived qualities of the longest chain on the planet as pursues: Deserts are the world's driest and are the Atacama Desert. These mountains comprise of the second most noteworthy level on the planet known as the Andes Plateau. At the highest point of the Andes, there is a fountain of liquid magma situated among Chile and Argentina, the Ojos del Salado, the most dynamic well of lava on Earth. 

These mountains likewise have various types of uncommon jeopardized creatures, for example, the Titicaca water frogs, and a few types of bears, for example, goggles bear, flamingos, short-followed chinchilla, Andean feline, alpaca, goose and different creatures. These mountains are situated in a zone called the Ring of Fire or Ring of Fire, which is situated around the Indian Ocean.

Published on: 10/12/19, 4:31 PM